About me

Fast and slow, big and small, art and science, tradition and rebellion. The dance of opposites inspires and thrills me! I believe that even in chaos, there is always a hidden order in everything in existence. When my mind is at peace, and when the time is right, I will certainly discover it.

As a student I have been for exchange programs to Australia and Denmark. These have been truly amongst the best periods of my life. In the process of discovering other cultures, my journey of finding myself had begun.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by training, and have done the PGDBM course from IIM – Ahmedabad.

My first job after IIM was with IBM. I was tasked with managing a few key global accounts. I spent 5 years in the corporate world, before venturing to start my own business of innovative ceramic gifting products (www.adipa.com). My ventures have led me to travel and do business in France, Dubai, Israel, Canada and USA.

I am very passionate about India and Indian youth, and believe that India is going to have a very important role to play in the world in the years to come.

Like the steady gushing sound of the ocean waves, I have always felt a calling to work with young people and help them develop as leaders and creators.

I found my opportunity to make a difference when I met Naren and Jyoti in 2012. That meeting led to the creation of Lifeschool Ignite, an organization that is committed to nurture and develop a fraternity of inspired youth who have the desire to live a brilliant life, and the courage to become ‘Forces of Goodness.’ We conduct a mentoring program for ambitious youth, call Dancing with Tigers. Youngsters are groomed in 6 key aspects of life that not directly covered in usual course of education, but play a very significant role in determining how happy and how successful we feel in our life.

The six pillars of our workshops are:
Future+ : My ability to navigate my career decisions in the fast changing landscape of technology, business and culture.
Inspiration+ : Finding my direction and goals, setting milestones, identifying mentors and becoming accountable.
Relationships+ : How to nurture strong bonds, how to say no, how to inspire people, are at the very core of our journey of life.
Energy+ : Every rocket needs a powerful engine - how to manage my energy levels, how to understand what drains it, what fuels it.
Communication+ : Lets become empowering communicators. 99% of the world’s problems can be solved through proper communication.
Value+ : When I can do more and more with less and less, I am adding value. This is the essence of life, business and relationships.

In my free time I love to sketch and create caricatures of my favorite inspirational people. I am a foodie at heart, and love to eat as well as cook. Wherever me and my wife Aarti travel, we enjoy making local friends and dropping into their home for authentic cooking lessons. You can invite us for a home cooked meal at adityaj@lifeschool.co.in!