Eat. Play. Love.

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    Career should be a source of happiness and freedom.
    Life should be filled food, play and love.
    Every moment should be ease & flow.

    I work with people to help them find and build on their true strengths and calling.

    I work with youth to help them build an entrepreneurial mindset and get ready for the rapidly changing world that we live in. Currently, I am a part of the founding team of the Enterprise India Fellowship, which is a year long part time practical-MBA for budding young entrepreneurs and change makers.

    Participant of the fellowship are called ‘partners’. They experience a process of hands on learning, deep inner work and reflection, exposure to new ideas and people, and character and confidence building. They also learn business strategy, innovation and sustainability concepts as they are encouraged to incubate their own projects and business models.

    I want to work with school and college leaders to create culture of self-discovery, innovativeness and enterprising spirit. The coming decades requires be much more involved and conscientious of how we wish to shape our world. We education leaders have a very important role to play.

    Fast and slow, big and small, art and science, tradition and rebellion. The dance of opposites inspires and thrills me. I believe that even in chaos, there is always a hidden order in everything in existence. When my mind is at peace, and when the time is right, I will certainly discover it.

    As a student I have been for exchange programs to Australia and Denmark. These have been truly amongst the best periods of my life. In the process of discovering other cultures, my journey of finding myself had begun.

    I am a Mechanical Engineer by training, and have done the PGDBM course from IIM – Ahmedabad.

    My first job after IIM was with IBM. I was tasked with managing a few key global accounts. I spent 5 years in the corporate world, before venturing to start my own business of innovative ceramic gifting products ( My ventures have led me to travel and do business in France, Dubai, Israel, Canada and USA.

    I am very passionate about India and Indian youth, and believe that India is going to have a very important role to play in the world in the years to come.

    In my free time I love to cook, feed, draw, make music, and play with my children and their toys. I love to work on mini- and mega- collaborations with people who have a hobby or a passion or a calling. So if you have something in mind, drop me a message on