Creating myself.

Learning to live and living to learn.

  1. Danger is so attractive

  2. I am a platform

  3. It only takes a moment.

  4. Success can be a dangerous thing

  5. How to buy trust?

  6. How to accept reality.

  7. Debates don’t solve, love does.

  8. For the mother in each of us

  9. Standing on the shoulders of giants

  10. 'Multi-action' - how to juggle multiple...

  11. Can thinking properly prevent violence?

  12. Just start. And then, restart.

  13. My idea of a good life

  14. Don’t go somewhere else

  15. For students who dream of business

  16. How young are you?

  17. Relationship issues? Watch that tone!

  18. A new way to look at social media

  19. Screw the guilt. Just #reSTART!

  20. On the verge of depression.

  21. What is peace?

  22. Boundaries

  23. Let’s meet soon!

  24. Learning to love myself

  25. Finding a friend

  26. From mind to matter

  27. May you have LITE!

  28. What occupies your mind-space?

  29. Relationship milestones

  30. I will be my own 'eyes of belief'

  31. On insecurity

  32. 3 phases of every relationship

  33. Dealing with a breakup

  34. 5 principles of managing project teams effectively

  35. Dream-ality

  36. My true work on this planet

  37. Today I failed

  38. 5 reasons why I did not join my father in business

  39. Stop spoon feeding! 3 ingredients to inspire...

  40. I'm not happy

  41. If today were my last day...

  42. Meetup on 14th July '18

  43. People dont belong to me.

  44. How comparison messes with your soup.

  45. A small thing. A big difference.

  46. A longing for laddoos.

  47. The rainbow that lies beyond right and wrong

  48. You are God.

  49. Want to get smart? Take breaks. Time your breaks!

  50. No such thing as ‘giving’

  51. 7 lessons about networking I learned from a 15...

  52. Old friends are good for you.

  53. Fresh Methi Cucumber Salad

  54. I dont want to share you!

  55. Eyes that see “age no bar”!

  56. Want to get good at something? Do you have...

  57. I can't face you!

  58. Let me make my mistakes!

  59. Boring!

  60. 3 steps today, a thousand tomorrow!

  61. I like staring at my own creation!

  62. 5 steps to stop overthinking in relationships

  63. I feel alive!

  64. Slay the demon of likes and dislikes!

  65. We don't see eye to eye. Lets make apple pie!

  66. TV is so satisfying!

  67. Please listen to my dreams!

  68. Fun now OR more fun tomorrow!

  69. Help me, but help me.

  70. We were friends.

  71. Confidence is a chemical.

  72. I need to be understood.

  73. Death, my friend.

  74. A four letter word called 'Happiness'

  75. When happiness is gone.

  76. Not yet!

  77. Marks matter - a matter of marks

  78. I did it for me.

  79. I love you, but don't come close!

  80. Im getting rid of my 'Lal Batti'

  81. "What we are looking for is attitude."

  82. The well of emotions.

  83. What did you learn today?

  84. Laziness is just a BUMP.

  85. A holiday state of mind.

  86. Don't just raise the ceiling. Raise the floor!

  87. Think. Don't overthink!

  88. Study tips - one week to go!

  89. When love destroys.

  90. I took a leap of faith.

  91. Want results? Be a B.O.S.S.S.

  92. Broken resolution? Did you train your camel?

  93. The curse of the gifted.

  94. A message for the youth.

  95. How to handle pressure.

  96. An E.P.I.C. way to appreciate!

  97. How to feel free.

  98. Do. Forget. Do.

  99. Am I any good?

  100. Winning. The 'micro' way.