Creating myself.

Learning to live and living to learn.

  1. On Pain

  2. Falling, falling, falling...

  3. Lazy kya? It’s not your fault!

  4. My passion found me!

  5. Am I driven by fear or am I driven by love?

  6. What is the power of YOUTH?

  7. Hey WINNER, forget your bygone victory!

  8. I will be a GREAT mentee!

  9. Do you have the 5% advantage?

  10. No-bake ENERGYmmmmm bars!

  11. Do you want to be an overnight success?

  12. Do you have a bath everyday?

  13. OMG, I took a wrong turn!

  14. Fake it till you make it!

  15. I will do something awesome, TODAY.

  16. The purpose of education.

  17. A strategy for champions - pressure needs a...

  18. Go, break the rules!

  19. Strong Vs Weak FEAR

  20. The greatest gift I can give my child.

  21. Do you want to know your future?

  22. BLOG: Are you mentally TOUGH?

  23. I am ‘humbled’.

  24. My life is so saucy!

  25. Can you celebrate the success of others?

  26. 15 super achievers who started ‘doing’ before...

  27. Bored or Inspired? Lets take responsibility...

  28. Source or Sink: What kind of friend are you?

  29. I smiled at my fear

  30. I am born of the Universe!


  32. I am an Emperor

  33. Find your ‘Orenda'

  34. Thank you for noticing, Papa!

  35. Learning at Rocket Speed