Being an engineer and an management school graduate, I never imagined myself as a trainer. Yet, in the last four years I’ve ended up doing a few interesting things. So here goes, this is my body of work in making a difference in people’s lives through workshops and facilitation.

  1. Dancing with Tigers - 27 batches with a total of 400+ students trained as of October 2017
  2. Learning to Learn 1 and 2 - workshop conducted for a group of 50+ mid and senior managers for Secure Meters, Udaipur
  3. Winning Habits workshop conducted for students for Symbiosis Institute of Liberal Arts
  4. Break your mental barriers workshop conducted for Red Hat Linux
  5. TEDx Sunshine World School, Goa - “Why everyone should create their body of work." (
  6. Vision setting workshop for Dharohar Trust - Nov 17
  7. Discussion with Dada Vaswani (