I used to like telling people “if you want to know how the girl you get married to is going to turn out, just have a look at her mother." Well, my mother-in-law is an amazing cook. And, I am an out and out foodie. My wife didn’t even know how to make toast when we got married (I am taking a huge risk here!) But it turns out that my theory seems to be true… my wife’s cooking skills are improving with every passing week. I can even say that she has become a very good cook. Of course, there are a few dishes that only my mother-in-law can make and my wife is not even close :-) Yet!

OK, jokes apart, why am I telling you all this?

Because, the truth is that we CAN predict the future. Well, at least we can predict the broad direction of the future with a very good degree of certainty.

Sounds interesting? Ready? Ok then here goes...

The question you need to ask yourself is just this… who are your friends? Who do you hang out with? Who do you go to for advice? Who is your fall-back person? Do you have mentors? Who are your mentors?

Are they sporty?
Are they generous?
Are they focussed?
Are they enthusiastic?
Are they compassionate?
Are they spontaneously happy?
Are they determined to be positive?

Or, are they jealous, negative, sarcastic, ‘time-pass’, arrogant, violent, abusive, or just the not-interested types?

Did you choose your friends? Or were you chosen?

These questions may be a little uncomfortable to answer, or even to think about. But the truth is, the answer to these questions will reveal your future to you. Its not complicated. Its too simple. But then, sometimes our mind dis-believes the simple.

The choice is yours. You can choose your future. You can choose your friends.

Take 5 minutes right now, and think about what kind of future you want to have. Think about what areas of life you want to excel at. And then think about who are the people in your age group, who are already progressing in that direction. Who are the people who are focussed, positive, happy, and hard-working in that aspect of life. Make a small list on a piece of paper.

Take one small step TODAY to develop these new friendships.

With Loads of Love,

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