About me

Work should be a source of happiness and freedom.
Life should be filled food, play and love.
Every moment should be gratitude, ease & flow.

I work with educational institutes and leaders to help them create programs based on cultivating and entrepreneurial mindset among their faculty and students.

I work with entrepreneurs and teams to help them create a culture based on entrepreneurial mindset.

I work with youth to help them build an entrepreneurial mindset and get ready for the rapidly changing world that we live in.

If you wish to connect, drop me a message on aditya@letsenterprise.in

I am one of the founders of www.letsenterprise.in

Our mission is 'Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset through limitless learning'

My profile

SOME OLD PHOTOS of my days working closely with young people in Pune. These years have really shaped my understanding of Indian youth and education in India.