TEDxPune - Nov 2023 - A college of lifelong learning.

Key points
  • We are quickly moving into a world shaped by AI and automation
  • The nature of human work is changing
  • We need to develop entrepreneurial and human skills
  • We need to be lifelong learners
  • What will such a college look like?

TEDx Sunshine Worldwide School, Goa

Key points
  • There are 2 types of motivation - extrinsic and intrinsic
  • We must seek ways to create more intrinsic motivation
  • A body of work is such a source of motivation
  • A strong body of work makes us an opportunity magnet
  • How to start building your body of work

How you can CHOOSE your boss wisely
I believe we must choose who we work for. Especially in the first few years of our career, who we work for makes a massive impact on us. In this video I explain why this is so important and how we must develop the capability to attract and choose the right boss!

Deconstructing College
This is one of my important ideas - while making a decision about which college to choose, we must look beyond rankings and ratings and even placements. The choice of a college has a tremendous impact on shaping our mindset and lives. In this video I show you how to break down college in various 'deconstructed' components and then prioritise what is really important for you.

How to sell

It always surprises me that no business school in the world teaches you how to sell! And selling the most fundamental skill every business person and entrepreneur needs to develop. There is no marketing without sales. There is no product without sales. There is no finance without sales. There is no business without sales.

PAISA Pitch - a framework for sales and communication

In this short video, I explain the PAISA model of crafting a sales or communication pitch. This works for selling a product, an idea, a holiday or even effective communication in a relationship.