Public Speaking

Speaking to 10th graders about setting goals

Career Workshop for students a parents - TAP

Getting ready for EXPLORATHON

Speaking to youth in Pune about breaking mental barriers

Speaking to BBA students in Pune

Leadership workshop for an NGO in Pune

Leadership workshop for a foundation in Udaipur

Speaking to entrepreneurs at YI in Pune

Facilitating a World Cafe at 'Grooming the next generation' event in Pune

Speaking to student at Symbiosis in Pune

Receiving an Education Innovation award in Bangalore

Speaking to Grade 12 students in Goa

With the new entrants of IIM-A in Pune

Conducting a workshop for students at DLRC Pune

With the group at RADA, Pune

Entrepreneurial Mindset workshop for School Principals

Speaking to Business Leaders at MCCIA, Pune

Speaking to the group at the 'Body of Work' challenge in Pune

Speaking to BBA students in Bhubaneshwar

School Leadership workshop in Pune

Speaking to BBA students in Pune

Facilitating a Leadership workshop in Mumbai for 300+ leaders of the Bohra community from all across India

Speaking to students in Surat

Conducting a Business Workshop for businessmen of Bohra community in Surat

Conducting a workshop for school students in Goa