A message for the youth.

There a some moments in our life when a person we meet changes our life forever. It may not be because of what he said to did. It's just because of how they live their life. It's because of their simplicity, their humility, and their involved energy INSPITE of who their are and what their glorious achievements are.

Last week I met such a person who had this effect on me. He is Mr Kiran Karnik.

I asked him "Sir, what is your message for the youth?"

I write this post to share his simple but powerful message with you.

Find what you love to do.
Do what you love to do.
When you do want you love to do, you will have fun and not get tired.
When you are having fun you will do more and more, and you will EXCEL.
When you excel, then there will be tons of opportunities for you to make your dreams come true!

Then, all of life's joys will be yours to enjoy.

We live in a world where there are mammoth possibilities in every field of human endeavour. Whether it is engineering, or artificial intelligence, or financial trading, or manufacturing, or retail, or travel, or adventure, or cooking, or events, or acting, or music, or sports, or photography, there is humongous 'scope'.

Stop asking the 'scope' question.

Start asking 'what do I need to do, who do I need to meet, where do I need to go, to get GREAT at what I love doing?'

2017 is going to be a year of getting great for me. This is going to be my mantra.

Thank you Mr Kiran Karnik (awarded Padma Shri by the President of India) for your powerful message for the youth. It gives us hope and fills us with the desire to excel!

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