Am I any good?

Am I making a difference?
Am I doing everything I should?
This question often hits my senses
And I ask myself ‘Am I any good?’
Clouds loom, thunder strikes.
Winds blow, the chill set in.
The weather looks menacing in the likes
And my head goes round and around a’spinning
I'd put everything I had in it,
So many things I'd sacrificed.
I always thought I had it worked out,
But now it looks my ship might have capsized.
Am I any good?
Did I many a difference?
These are the thoughts that plague my mood,
Every night as I lay down and think of my sins.
The answer is not of much importance,
As the question that I ask myself.
Did I do the best I can?
The best I can to be of some help?
’Tis the question that purges
Me of all my confusion and doubt.
For I know that I'd put in everything I got
I spared no effort, no thought and absolutely pulled all my clout.
And hence I rest in peace
My mind stills even as questions are raised
Im good, I know, as I'd worked the grease
I'm good cause the sincerest of efforts I've always embraced!