A holiday state of mind.

Are you enjoying the exams? Does that sound like a strange question? Let me not create unnecessary suspense. I've realised that if I'm not happy now, chances are I won't be happy when I get that ice-cream, or get that appreciation, or go for that party, or have that holiday, either!

How many a finals exams went by waiting for the summer holidays to come. And how many summer holiday plans were hatched - I'll learn French, and join dance classes, and work in an NGO, and go trekking, and, and, and and! And how many a summer holiday just went by!

At times I've caught myself feeling miserable about my current situation. I found myself attaching my happiness to a future event. Most recently it was about my financial status. I caught myself thinking, when I can afford to buy that house, life will be really awesome. Another time it was simpler, when become fit and my paunch is gone, then I'll actually enjoy being on the beach! Here's another good one, when I've gained her trust, then we will be happy!

Nowadays I remind myself that life is like a glass of lemonade. No I'm not taking about Beyonce's latest album. What is mean is that if I'm not enjoying the first sip, chances are I won't be enjoying any of the sips!

If I don't know how to be happy now, chances are I won't be happy then either, or the happiness will be momentary.

If I know how to be happy NOW, whatever the now holds, then the chances are I'll be happy then too! And when I'm happy, I make the right decisions, say the right things, press the right buttons... you get my point.

This holiday, I've taken a decision - I'm not going to wait for holidays anymore. I'm going to live in a holiday state of mind. And, as we at Lifeschool say - I will relax AS I work! It always gets the best out of me.

So, are you enjoying your exams? :-)