Confidence is a chemical.

Over the last four months I have lost 11kgs, mostly fat stored in my body. I've been exercising regularly, eating right, and limiting the cheat days. I'm suddenly fitting into clothes that I last wore 15 years ago. I feel good. I feel like a winner. This aspect of my life is working out well.

If a teaspoon of milk is added to a glass of black tea, the entire tea will become milky. It won't be that only one section is milky and some other is black. Of course a gentle stir would certainly help.

Like milk, confidence is a chemical. In fact all feelings and emotions are substances. They are a series of 'brain chemicals' that mix into the blood stream and act as signals and markers to my entire body. That's why confidence (and fear) feels so 'physical'!

When I feel like a winner in one aspect in my life, I begin to feel like a 'winner' in life. The feeling of winning spreads. It gives me the strength to overcome challenges in every aspect of my life - my work, relationships, finance, etc.

But the same is also true for doubt and fear. They also 'brain chemicals'. Where there is fear in some part of my life, there is fear in my life. That's it.

Hence deep inside me, there is a kind of a battle being waged. It's a battle between the dark and the light.

Here is my approach to the situation. Let there be enough light wherever possible. Let me keep on being a winner in some aspects of my life. Right now for me it's fitness and art. The light of winning will surely spread to every nook and corner and replace the darkness of fear and doubt. It's doesn't matter if the fear and the confidence are in different aspects of my life! It only matters which is greater!