We used to call it ‘mental masturbation’. A few of us friends from MBA days would get together and ideate for hours. Business ideas and plans would be hatched like thousands of turtles trekking their way on to land to lay their eggs. Once, my soon to be wife walked in on one of our sessions. She saw one of us holding a whiteboard marker and drawing a complex business model on the board. "This is what you guys do for fun?" she exclaimed. I almost lost her that day.

Thinking of ideas and dreaming of great ventures-to-be is a lot of fun. I’ve done it a lot.

But, for the last few months, I’ve been working on a concept that I have been dreaming of for a long long time now. I have stuck my head in all the way. No turning back. It has been long long days, huge emotional highs and lows, ‘aha’ moments, intense moments of self doubts, and several rounds of ‘stress eating’ of entire bars of cadbury chocolates!

And now a time has come when the dream has started becoming reality. But not entirely. Its the twilight zone between an idea and it’s implementation. Its made of partly of dream stuff, and partly physical. You can see it, but you can also change it. You can touch it, its solid, but you can still mould it with your thought and ideas. You can’t believe that it was just a powerpoint presentation barely a few years ago!

It’s a beautiful space to be in. Nothing is set in stone, yet it’s not floating in the air either. It’s dream-ality! Part dream and part reality. I believe that is the the space that every change-maker, every entrepreneur and every leader thrives in. Our world, our country needs many of these dream-alitists to create our future together.

I feel tremendous gratitude to all the influencors, mentors, teachers, pillars of support, friends and fellow-dreamers, who have made it possible to get here. Can't even begin to make a list of everyone. All I can do it to proclaim - I will keep on creating more and more dream-ality!