Find your ‘Orenda'

It was early November 2014. We were meeting to plan a 3 day residential convention for 600 people. It was an ambitious project. We were a core team of 8 people from the organisation. I was given the task of planning and executing the digital and social media.

After some consideration I thought of expanding my scope of work. Although I don’t have any direct experience in branding, I decided to ask for the challenge of creating and execution the branding of the entire event. In addition, I also proposed and took on the task of creating a convention ‘diary’ that would be given to all the participants. The bar was set high - the mission was to create something that people have never seen before. It need to be a diary that people would hold on to and cherish for a few years to come. It should not just be another diary, it should be a catalyst of change.

We completed the convention in the last week of January 2015. It was a resounding success. The branding has been appreciated by many. The diary has created a small fan following. Time will tell how people use it, how much it will be cherished, and how much impact it will create in the lives of people. But that is not the reason why I am telling you all this.

The reason I’m telling you is that in doing all this, I found my Orenda.

‘Orenda’ is a word of American Indian origin. It points to a mystical force which is present in all of us, that empowers us to affect the world, or to effect change in our own lives.

To me, Orenda is the opposite of the concept of destiny or karma. The latter are forces that are not in my hands, and that sometimes work for me and sometimes against me. Orenda is a force that is always within me, somewhat akin to what we call will power, but far beyond in scope and depth. It is something that I can grow and harness and that serves as as a counteracting force to destiny. So, my life will be something like a game played between my Orenda and my Destiny. The stronger of the two shall determine the course of my life!

The brilliant part of the story is that, unlike a sword fight, this game is not a fight unto death, where one force destroys the other and emerges as the victor. One force does emerge as the victor, but the other force, at some point of time, stops the fight, and joins the victor! In effect, the power of the victorious force is doubled, and hence exponentially increase its impact on my life.

The question is, who will be the victor, my Orenda or my Destiny?

Every time, I expand myself by dreaming bigger, taking on bigger challenges, and seeing myself as capable of more, my Orenda grows stronger.
Every time I care for a person, or an idea, so much that I am will to make sacrifices for them, my Orenda grows stronger.
Every time I assume responsibility rather that waiting for it to be given to me, my Orenda grows stronger.
Every time I smile with gratitude, laugh with abandon or cry tears of joy, my Orenda grows stronger.
Every time I feel compassion, and I take action to make a difference, my Orenda grows stronger.
Every time I put my heart and soul into what I am doing my Orenda become stronger.
Every time I bounce back after facing defeat, my Orenda grows stronger.
Every time I face my fears, my Orenda grows stronger.

Taking on the branding of the convention, creating the diary, these are a few small challenges I took on. I poured my heart and soul into it. I discovered and learnt many things through the experiences.

Most importantly, I found the power of Orenda.

May you too, find your Orenda.

With Loads of Love and Gratitude,