From mind to matter

Everything that is ever created by a human being is created at least twice. Before anything takes physical form, it must be first created inside the mind of its creator. It must have been seen and imagined to great detail in the form of a ‘vision’ within the neural circuitry of the person who thought of it. That is a certainty.
We have many many ideas. But very very few of our ideas stick on long enough to become a vision. Ideas decay very soon. This is mainly because there are always many different and contradicting ideas inside our head. They compete for our mental bandwidth. They distract each other and eventually most of them get destroyed.
Once in a while it happens that we are able to protect an idea long enough to allow it to become a vision. A vision is very powerful. A vision is like a football stadium night light while ideas are just little torches. Once you have a vision, it dominates everything.
For the last few years this vision of ‘a practical MBA’ like program where youngsters run real projects and develop genuinely useful skills like selling, design thinking, accounting, applying technology, project management and so on, had captivated my mind. It had became an obsession. It dominated my sleep, my work, my meals, my runs, my conversations - everything I did, I could see the vision in front of me.
Once this happens, it is almost inevitable that the vision will move on to it’s second ‘happening’ - the physical form. It may be quick or sometimes it may be long an arduous. But it will happen. And when it happens, it is one of the most satisfying feelings one can have. Watching one’s vision turned into physical reality - from mind to matter - is like feeling the joy that the universal ‘creator’ must feel when She looks upon her creations!
These 18 partners of the first cohort of the ‘Enterprise Fellowship’ are, for a few of us, our vision in physical form. We feel filled with gratitude to have this opportunity.
But, even more importantly, when you watch this video you will notice the beginnings of a ‘vision’ forming in the minds of these young powerhouses. It has only been three months. They are beginning to dream. They are learning to protect their ideas from distraction. They are beginning to believe. They are beginning to DO!
Hats off to each and every one of them. Let’s encourage every single person we know to HOLD on to and PROTECT their ideas until they become a VISION, and ultimately a reality. The world will be a much better place because of YOU guys!