Hey WINNER, forget your bygone victory!

When we were in management school, we were told that in the world of investment banking “you are only as good as your last deal!"

Now that’s a lot of pressure. I may have had a history of 15 years of success. But then I may have messed up on one transaction. And thats it, that transaction defines my current market value!

Thank the lord almighty, that the Indian cricket team does not operate this way. Else, we would be in a state of utter confusion!

I really don’t know how much truth there is in the saying above. I’ll probably invite my investment banking friends to share their views on the same. But what I do understand now is that it is probably a gross understatement.

In the life of a CHAMPION, you are NOT as good as your last success. If I want to stay a champion, I need to DELETE all memories of past success and believe that I am starting from ZERO!

Yes, let past success fill me with self belief. But, let it not take away the hunger and the passion which got me the success in the first place.

Yes, let past success push me to set higher goals. But, let it not make me think for a second that the efforts will be less next time.

Yes, let past success make me more generous. But, let it never make me feel even a teeny bit superior.

We have enjoyed some beautiful success by winning the Lifeschool sports convention, an intense 4 month affair. We played hard and fair, and we won. We celebrated together and enjoyed the victory lap thoroughly!

Now the time has come to relegate that memory to the trophy room in our mind. And, lets lock that room and chuck away the keys until the next beautiful achievement.

Sounds a little too tough?
But, the choice is simple, stay in the past, or stay in the present. Only one of the choices will lead me into the future!