How to buy trust?

"I want you to trust me." I've said this to my friends, parents, wife, and even to my students. I haven't yet subjected my kids to this one yet! I've literally attempted buying their trust with my words.

I know exactly what you are thinking! You are thinking that the words buy and trust don't seem to fit together. And you are right. Going by our normal understanding of buying and selling, the word trust just doesn't seem to fit in. You can't buy someone trust or someone's love!

I propose you can. Just like money has to be earned, so does trust. The difference is only in the currency of exchange that needs to be use. And that small change makes a huge difference. Money is the currency of exchange we use for commerce, business and the economy. It represents the value exchanged between two persons.

Just like money is the currency of exchange of value, the currency of exchange required to buy trust is vulnerability.

Yes, I write reasonably well, and I love writing. But, for the last 2 years I have not written a single blog - and that is after a 5 year unbroken streak of writing. I went through a period of highs and lows and couldn't gather myself into the discipline of writing. I expose my weakness and humanness to you. I am vulnerable. I help you trust me a little more.

I say sorry. I made a mistake. I didn't understand your point of view and kept insisting I am right. In fact I was wrong. I am willing to change my position. I accept my mistake. I become vulnerable. I gain a little more trust.

When I'm in a position of authority, I am open to being questioned. I am open to being held accountable. I gain trust.

Allowing oneself to be vulnerable is comparable to being rich. When I am rich with a sense of security, I can be vulnerable. I am rich with a deep sense of faith and trust in the universe, in my own life's journey, in the deep logic and intelligence of nature, then I can easy give my trust and vulnerability to others too.

Being vulnerable gives permission to the other to do the same. It opens up the doors for an exchange of trust to occur.

But just like you would do with money, use it wisely. You must know where to spend it, and how much to spend it!