'Multi-action' - how to juggle multiple interests and priorities

10 kilos. 5 meters. 92 years. 1.3 billion. A number is used to measure one factor, and one factor only. However, there is a type of number that measures more than one thing — the humble ‘percentage'! Think about it. I scored 42% in my exams (just kidding!) - implies two things - I scored 21 marks, if the test was out of a total of 50 marks. I have completed 70% of my work - this contains some information about how much work I have to do, and also how much I have done.

How brilliant is that! One number, but it contains two pieces of information. Now that’s like killing two birds with one stone.

And here’s why you and I should care...

It is possible to have one action that actually impacts two or more aspects of my life at the same time. Taking your dog for a walk, is also some exercise. I make breakfast for my kids in the morning, I also use that time to talk to them and have a little fun with them. I’m writing this post and Im also using this opportunity to reflect and reorganise some thoughts in my head. I went for a run with my friend Lubaina this morning, and I also used the opportunity to connect with her and also come up with the idea for this blog!

Most of us are struggling with managing time, prioritising multiple interests, juggling between commitments, and so on. In a dynamic, fast changing world it is getting tougher and tougher to make time. The ambitious amongst us stretch themselves and often risk burnout. Some of us get us into a FOMO trap and keep running only to find that we are still in the same place. And still quite a few of us often feel left out of the race, and inadequate.

Learn to combine multiple tasks and actions into what ‘multi-actions’! Here are some examples:
Combine your hobbies into multi-hobbies - art and writing, cooking and videography, etc
Set up action dates with friends - meet over a run, a cook-up, make a painting together, etc
Align goals / resources of different projects - college and hobbies, community and personal, etc
Introduce your friends to one another - and create a project to work on together
Plan interesting activities with your parents (or your kids)
Explore what lies at the intersection of your diverse interests - medicine and technology, music and psychology, etc

Take multi-action! It is like multi-vitamin that can make your life simpler, and more exciting and joyful at the same time.