I am born of the Universe!

Every one of us has a genesis - biologically, genetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Everything has a background, a history.
History of the earth is geology.
History of language is historical linguistics.
History of living organisms is evolutionary biology.

An emperors crown is born from gold, which is made of ore, which is mined from the earth, which was born from stardust.
Success is born of hunger to learn from failures. The failures may be mine or even those of others.
Love is born from the knowledge of oneness, which is born from the experience of separation and the longing for reunion.

I am born of meeting of my fathers sperm and my mothers egg.
I am born out of stories of the travels, travails and ventures of my ancestors from Rajasthan and U.P.
I am also born of my mothers creative spirit, my fathers honesty, my Amma’s surrender, my Babasaheb’s straighforward-ness, my (my maternal grandmother’s) strength, and my Bauji’s vision.

I am born out of the failures, challenges and adversities that I have overcome.
I am also born out of the many discussions I heard my father having with his friends and family about what the future holds.
I am born out of my mentors and friends who believed in me, showed me a path and so often gently told where did not agree with me.
I am also born out of the stories I heard, the books I read, the movies I watched, and that made me excited about the possibilities that exist.
I am born out of dozens of teachers who taught me, encouraged me, scolded me, praised me, and sometimes just put their hands on my shoulders and smiled at me.
I am born out of the childhood experiences I had - the thousands of ‘why?’s I asked my parents and they patiently answered, the hundreds of time I charged ahead with a dream and a twinkle in my eye, and the dozens of times I fell or failed, and my parents held me tenderly and consoled me.

Knowing what I am born out of, fills me up with humility. There is so much that went into my creation! How can it be possible that I was meant to do small things I life? It’s impossible!
Knowing what I am born out, fills me up with possibilities.
Every time I convert some of this possibility into action, it fills me up with self-belief.
Lets know it, we are not simple ‘accidents’ of creation. It must be true that the entire universe actually conspires to create us.

Just take a few minutes to quietly sit and make a list of things that you think led to the creation of ‘You’.

Nothing can take this away from you.

Now, with the belief that it cannot simply be chance, lets go live our lives and see what we can do.

With Loads of Love, and immense Gratitude,