I did it for me.

I did it for me.

The other day I made a lovely little sketch of my daughter. I immediately grabbed my phone and posted it on... hehe... FB and Insta. And then within five minutes I was checking to see who liked it! I have to admit it was a good feeling to get those likes and even a few comments.

But let me tell you what is an even better feeling. All the blog posts I write, are stored in a very lovely app call #Evernote. I just checked and I found that I have completed 100 posts! This is the 101st one. Evernote has a screen where I can see all my posts in a grid format. Somewhat like a stamp collection. Every time I look at this screen, I feel inspired. I feel inspired by myself. I don't want to break the momentum.

That's when I realised, I did it for me. I get the most joy out of my own consistency, dedication and creativity.

For the last 5 days, I exercised everyday, I did it for me.
I made a difference in some people's lives, but now I see I did it for me.
I've been contributing to the organisation I am a part of, and know I see I did it for me.
I am writing this, and I am doing it for me.
Then, if I get appreciation it's great. If not, I did for me anyways.

I inspire I.

Thanks for reading, and would love know, what about you, inspires YOU?