I dont want to share you!

I made a new friend. She was like a breath of fresh air. We were like toast and butter, idli and chutney, sweet and sour. We just ‘got’ each other. It was so beautiful. Life was good. I felt strong. I felt like I could handle anything that life threw at me. I had a friend!

Then one day, my new friend met my old friend. My old friend is very charming. My new friend was charmed. I love both of them. I truly do. But, I wanted my new friend all for myself. My old friend already had many friends of her own. It didn’t seem fair. I want some friends of my own too. I don’t want to share everything!

One side of me wants to separate them. But another side of me feels silly to want to cling on to someone like that. But then again, what if my new friend no longer a wants me as much as before?

Hahaha, I’ve had this drama play out in my life more than a few times. I want some people to want me more than they want someone else.

But here’s what I realise. No one belongs to anyone. We don’t even belong to ourselves. We all belong to something bigger than ourselves. Let's stop attempting to hold on to people and things. Holding on holds me back. Letting go allows me to take off and fly. I believe I can fly.