I feel alive!

I am staying at my parents house for a few days. I didn't carry my running shoes with me. When I woke up this morning, my mind had a perfectly valid excuse for no exercise - no shoes! I convinced myself that instead of exercising, I will use the time to write a blog post or some other 'productive' activity.

Then, a vision flashed in my mind. The previous month I had seen a man running barefoot. I remembered a website I had seen called barefootrunning.com. Hmmm. The excuse evaporated. I stepped out of the house. I began the run. By the time I reached the end of the road, my mind said to me "go easy Aditya, today you should do less." Makes sense, as I was running barefoot for the first time.

After 2.5 kms, I had a decision to make, turn left towards home, or right for another 2.5kms. The brain was saying left. But there was another voice inside me that was whispering "go right". I listened to that voice, and turned right to complete the 5km. That voice was the voice of being "alive".

I completed the 5km and limped home as I had blisters on both my feet. But I felt alive and ready to rock and roll.

I've decided that I'm going to start doing more of what makes me feel alive. Preparing well for meetings makes me feel alive. Planning the day properly makes my feel alive. Helping others feel alive makes me feel alive. Getting things done on time makes me feel alive. Thinking big and taking small steps makes me feel alive. Nurturing a team of leaders makes me feel alive. Turning my mobile off and being 100% with my family makes me feel alive. Thanking my creator for all my blessings everyday makes me feel alive. Managing conflicts with grace makes me feel alive. Taking care of people makes me feel alive. Stretching my mind and body beyond limits makes me feel alive. Here's to being more ALIVE!