I will be my own 'eyes of belief'

She looked into my eyes and saw many things. There were dreams of wondrous journeys we would have together. There was the excitement that comes when you don't know what surprises might lay around the corner. There was respect too.

Yet, there was something missing. She felt my eyes were not able pierce through the things she says or even does. The eyes that see her for who she is. She felt my eyes were not able to recognise her for that part of her soul that is pure and untouched. The world has seen her for the way she talks, walks and does things. But she yearned for my eyes to be able to see what the world has not seen.

And she couldn’t find that vision in my eyes. She hoped that of all the people in the world, I would be able to see her.

We all want the people we love to be able to see us for who we really are. We may make mistakes. We may slip again and again. We may fail. But we still want ‘our’ people to be able to see us as good, as pure, and as strong. We want to see that light of belief in the eyes of those we love. We believe that deep inside we are good, and we want them to be able to see. They are our strength. Their light has the power to redeem us. I am blessed that so many people in my life have seen me with those eyes. They have shaped me.

But today, I want to end my search for that light in the eyes of people who love me. Rather, I will be those eyes for them.

And where will I find the strength to do that? In one simple idea - the clarity of my intentions. When my intent is clear, then the right decisions and actions will follow. Then I no longer need those eyes in anyone else. I will be my own eyes of belief unto myself.

I will shed away confusion, weakness and insecurity from my intent. My dear friends, I need your help in this process. Be tough with me whenever you see a conflict in my intent. This is my request.