I will do something awesome, TODAY.

I remember clearly how much I used to look forward to summer holidays. I would make detailed plans. My plans were not just about movies, food and hanging out. Learning to play a musical instrument, going for ballroom dance classes, joining some youth organisations, writing a computer program; I would really look forward to the opportunity that two months of 'no school' presented.

And no, I was not a nerd. I was just very enthusiastic about learning new things.

Do you want to know what would happen when the holidays would actually start? Haha, I think you know the answer. Once the exams were done, after a few days of ‘zone off’ time, I would start off with my new plans with great energy. I would continue for a few weeks and soon it would fizzle off. Before I knew it, the holidays would be over, and I'd be back at school, wondering with amazement at how fast time had flown by!

And then there was my sister. While dreaming of big beautiful plans to change the world comes to me easily, my sister finds this a waste of time. For her, the focus is always about the practical things things of life!

So, while I was pondering about the future of education, my sister was busy completing her homework.
While I was sketching the architecture of my future global headquarters, my sister was busy making a checklist of all the things that needed to be looked into while my parents were away on their holiday.
While I was busy imagining how to make transportation 10 times faster, my sister would be busy helping out the servants kids with their homework.
I think you get my drift.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my ability to think big and dream of the future. I truly believe that imagination is a beautiful and necessary quality.

But, along with that, my sister’s ability to focus on what needs to be done TODAY, is also an essential ability.

How will life be when you and I have both these abilities?

Hence, I have taken a simple decision. Everyday, I will give myself 1 hour to dream. This is my strategy hour. During this time, I will make my plans, imagine the possibilities, let myself think HUGE. I will capture my thoughts and ideas in mind-maps, sketches, notes and even audio and video recordings.

But, everyday I will also do a few things that make me believe that I lived today was lived AWESOMELY. Why wait for the future to come? Why not start today!

What made my day awesome today was writing this blog.
Yesterday I spent a hour with my dadi and made her smile a few times, and my day was awesome.
Tomorrow, I am going to meet all my students and Im going to make them laugh like crazy, as I explain some brilliant techniques for time management to them.

Its going to be awesome!

With loads of Love & Gratitude


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