It only takes a moment.

I bought new clothes after a year. After many many years I had gone shopping with my mother! We picked this is beautiful orange linen shirt - my favourite colour and my favourite material.

It was a dear friends birthday, and I pulled out my new shirt from my cupboard. I was in a bit of a rush and could find a scissor to cut off the price tag. Instead I picked up a knife from the kitchen and rather callously tugged at the nylon thread of the tag. I heard a rip and instantly knew I had torn off more than the thread.

Literally, my heart sank. At that moment, I was in a rush and I quickly put on another shirt and moved out of the house. But there was a lingering pain in my heart. It wasn't just a shirt that tore, or some money that got wasted. I felt ashamed. I had been impatient. I had been careless. And I had been stupid. I mean, who cuts a price tag with a knife? The incident almost shook my self-belief and a series of memories of past goof ups from my life flashed past in my head.

There is much more one can lose in life in a single moment than a shirt.

It only takes a moment to crash into a running vehicle.
It only takes a moment for a loved one to fall and and get hurt.
It only takes a moment to cause a rift in a relationship.
It only takes a moment for an earthquake to wreak havoc.
It only takes a moment.

Life is so fragile.

I had to remind myself about all the things that are still so intact in my life.

My kids are safe.
I am healthy.
I have family.
I love my work.
I have a house.

The torn shirt has become a symbol for how much more I could have lose in a single moment. It's become a symbol of gratitude for me.