Laziness is just a BUMP.

When you come to my house, you will come across a big bump about 50m before the gate of our society. Its like a giant speed breaker, almost 7 to 8 feet in height. I guess there is a huge water pipe below the road, and they weren’t able to dig it deep enough, so they just let the road go above it! If you come cycling, you will actually feel it. You will have to change to the lowest gear, and put in all your might. You may even want to just get off the cycle and walk. Once you cross it though, you will get a huge speed boost and you can almost roll all the way to my home.

I call that bump ‘laziness’.
I feel lazy to write this article.
I feel lazy to go for a run in the morning.
I feel lazy to complete that painting I started.
I feel lazy to put in that additional one hour of work to refine my speech.
Heck, I even feel lazy to go have a bath!

But, like I said, laziness is like my friendly neighbourhood bump. It takes just a few seconds to get over. Those few seconds are tough, I have to push like crazy. But once Im over it, I’m on a roll!

I tell myself that I’ll just wear my shoes and get outside, and then Ill come back to my bed and go to sleep.
I tell myself that I’ll just pick up the brush and make 3 random strokes and then I can stop.
I tell myself that I’ll just read the speech one last time and then leave it be.
I tell myself that I’ll just write 10 words and then I’ll let it be.
I tell myself that I’ll just wet my feet and then I’ll step out!

And then, I just don’t want to stop. The momentum takes me forward.

That’s my laziness hack. I tell myself that I’ll just make that 10% beginning and then stop. And then, I’m on the other side of the bump!

It takes only a moment to get over laziness.