Letter No.1 - Eat. Play. Love

A part of me is nervous and part of me is feeling loved. I feel loved that you chose to click on that link and put in your email. The love part always wins, and that's what gives me the courage whenever I start something new like this.


The opposite of fear is not bravery, it's love.

Fear <------------------------------------------------------------------------> Love

Fear kills love (actually it only stuns it, love is un-killable), but love converts fear into action.

Love makes me feel responsible. Love makes me feel strong.

When love is about sharing or caring for another, that's when love is at its strongest. When a mother has to protect her child against danger, she transforms from mild mannered to ferocious in no time. She can take on anything and anyone. It's because she's fighting not for herself, but for another.

This letter is about love. It's about my need to share something with you. And I can't share if there is no one to receive, so I am grateful that you agreed to be a part of this.


This letter is also about career. But there won't be career tips, hacks or guidelines. Our careers are at least 50% of our lives. Being a home-maker is also a career - it takes time and effort. My grandmother made pickle, took care of my ailing grandfather, prayed everyday, and loved us immeasureable. That was her career.

Thinking about our career is as important for my 7 and 8 year kids who make art and lego, for me and my wife who have day jobs, and for my parents who make art, manage their daily affairs, continue to parent us, grow plants, and play boardgames with their children.

Your career is what you do with your time apart from survival basics.

Whether or not you do it for money, you are doing something with your time.

Sometimes it becomes source of struggle and pain. But career can (and must) be a source of tremendous joy and playfulness.

How do we create our career and use our time so it becomes a source of freedom, peace, joy, ease, flow, meaning, and ultimately spirituality?

I want to explore this question along with you through this letter.


I remember the first time I learn't to use the kitchen stove. I must have been in 4th grade. I came home from school around 4pm. My parents were out. Pyaare-lal, who was like a brother-caretaker-friend rolled into one had gone back to his village in Bihar.

My sister Palak was hungry. I made a packet of maggi noodles for her. Until then I'd never done that without someone around.

Both of us sat on the dining table in the kitchen and relished those noodles. It was so much fun making those noodles and feeding her. Don't mis-understand, we also fought like cats and dogs. But that joy was 100X of what it would have been had I been eating those noodles alone.

Food and feeding give us so much joy.

Both come naturally to me and hence you will surely read stories and metaphors about food and feeding here.


Ultimately, what else do we need in our life? What are we studying and working so hard for?

I want good food. I want help some others to have good food.
I want to play - sing, dance, draw, travel, explore, learn and celebrate. I also want to play with others.
I want to experience unconditional love - I know these are just words, but we do yearn for something, right. We don't know what it is exactly, but we yearn for it.

Thats what life is ultimately about - Eat. Play. Love.

I want to rediscover with you the simple joys of life through this letter.


I'm beginning this journey with love. Love is sharing
Fear - will people read?
Fear - am I good enough?
Fear - will I be able to be consistent?
Love - some people will read, and for them I must.
Love - I miss my old friends, and for them I must.
Love - I learn't some things, and those I must share.

Just two days ago I received a letter. It's from my Chachi. It was here birthday recently and I had sent her a birthday note. She responded by sending me a handwritten letter. The postman delivered to me. I have kept it on my desk. I will write something when I feel like and send her a reply. She must surely be looking forward to my reply.

I too am going to look forward to hearing back from you. Maybe not this week, but some time. Whenever you feel like, send me a letter!