Letter No. 10

Dear friend,

There is a place near Pune where a waterfall flows up!

I'm serious.

My friends Amit, Shivraj and I were just 24 and we were driving towards Bhimashankar for a chilled out weekend at an MTDC resort. We had taken a break for lunch in a place called Junnar.

We drove out of the Junnar town and in about half and hour or so we were approaching the beautiful ranges of the Western Ghats. In the monsoon season of July - Sep the hill ranges near Pune are lush green. It is heaven descended on earth. There are several waterfalls one crosses as one navigates the turns and twists while climbing up the hill roads. And back in those days, there was no concept of 2 lane and 4 lane road. There was just one road! You were either going or your were coming, and you'd better watch out. It was fun.

Anyhow, suddenly I saw something that made me yell out "STOPpppp!". I made Shivraj and Amit get out of the car and all three of us rubbed our eyes as we tried to make sense of what we saw in front of us. It was an upside down waterfall. You read right, and upside down waterfall. It was a tall and heighted fall, and the water was first flowing down and then somewhere around midway, the water was turning back up and rising up and beyond even the source of the waterfall!

We couldn't believe it. At first we thought we were seeing a mirage or something like that. But it was real. After some amount of discussion about the physics of it (we were all engineering students), we figured that it must have something to do with wind flow.

I recently came across a YouTube short that captured this same phenomenon in the same area near Junnar!

Check it out here.

Isn't it crazy!

I shared this with them, on our whatsapp group. It's been almost 23 - 24 years since that day. I was so excited when I came across this video, and I really wanted to share this with both my friends. But guess what, they had both forgotten about this event. And for me it is such a clear and vivid memory. I have actually thought about it many times since then. I've thought about what a magical moment it was and about how amazing it felt to see something so unusual.


Memory is such a selective thing. We remember what is valuable and useful to us. We remember what fascinates us. We hold on to things that create emotion for us.

Human memory is not objective. We don't remember facts. We remember stories and emotions and the facts associated with them.

What are some things that you remember that you are sure others have forgotten?

What are some things that are important to you, that you know has been forgotten by someone else?

It feels a bit lonely when you tell your friend, hey do you remember when we did this or that, and they have plain simple forgotten?

But it's ok. It's good to remind ourselves of this - each of us attach different stories and emotions to different things. Knowing this will save you some emotional chaos, but more importantly you can use this to understand yourself and others better.


Now, if memory is selective, is the way we look at the future also based on the stories that we choose to believe in and the emotions that we have attached to them?



I believe that is also how manifestation works. When we believe deeply, when we imagine something, when we set a strong intent, we create a powerful story. We attach strong emotions to it. And then we start thinking those thoughts, holding on to words of other and words we read in the newspapers and in book that are vibing with our stories. We put energy into opportunities that seem to promise the creation of that destiny. We even make sacrifices readily towards achieving those realities.

And we call it manifestation.


What do you think the future is going to be about?

What emotions do you associate with the future?

Did you ever think about it and verbalise it?

It is a nice think to reflect on.

And it's ok whatever the emotions that come to your mind. Don't worry. You wont manifest it just because that is how you are feeling now. Remember, that only happens when you set the intent. Not just because you felt the emotion. So be yourself. It's nice to reflect.

We did this at the Let's Enterprise space today - all of us in the team.

Take 5 minutes. Think about the next 20 years and ask yourself what is the feeling you get when you visualise this image.

Now ask yourself what is the feeling you are getting with this visualisation of the future.

Write it down on a piece of paper if you feel like. Share it with me or someone else if you feel like. It's nice to have this awareness, whatever may be the emotion you feel.