Letter No 48

Dear friend

Today my letter is different.

I want to share a game that you must try.

The game is very simple. But it can change something about how you and I live our life.

It goes like this…


Think of all the things that make you feel sad.
Think of all the things that you have lost in life.
Think of the failures and humiliations you have suffered.
Think of all the unfulfilled desires you have in your heart right now.

Hold them in your mind for a few more moments.

Imagine that you wrote this list on a piece of paper and put it in a glass jar. Imagine that you dug that jar in your garden.



Now, imagine you have lived a long life of a 100 years and you are almost near the end. You know it. You are still fit and healthy and surrounded by your loved ones. You’ve lived a good life. But you know it in your bones that this is it. It’s going to happen any moment.

Really imagine yourself as a 100 year old. See the wrinkles on your skin, the bend of your back and old grey strands of hair.



Now, imagine yourself at the age of 100, looking back at your life and reminiscing. Imagine that someone suddenly found the glass jar you had dug in your garden many years ago. Imaginge you open the jar and find that old, yellowing piece of paper. You read your list of worries, complaints and desires you had written on the paper of paper before putting it into the glass jar.

Look at them carefully.

Ask yourself these questions:

- which of those worries were really significant?
- which of them should you have actively done something about?
- which of them should you have not given another moment of thought to?
- which of them were completely out of your control?
- which of them have really impacted the quality of life you have led?
- which of those things did you really have the maturity and capability at that point in your life to change or do something about?



Change you mind and attitude and stop worrying about some of those things.

And a few of them, take a strong firm decision, and get to work doing something about.

Separate the gold from the dirt. Cut the crap. Choose to be filled with gratitude for what you have, and start working on what you can.


That’s the game.

I hope you play - not once, but often. Do this mentally enough number of times so that, cutting the crap becomes a mental habit. You stop allowing unneccessary things to bother you for more than - an hour, a minute and then not more than a few seconds.

Let me know if you did this, and what you discovered! Cant wait to hear from you.