Letter No 66 - let’s do something together

Dear friend,

Over the last few months, I have spent a lot of money on Amazon - almost a 30 to 40 thousand, buying all sorts of electronics and mechanical tools. Here are some things I’ve bought:
  • a metal vice
  • C clamp
  • Silicone lubricant
  • A DC power supply
  • A soldering station
  • A gas burner
  • Various electronic components
  • Copper wires
  • Spray paint cans
…and more.

I love making things. I love learning new things. I love creating. It’s fun. I’ve made an entire workshop in one room in our house.

But, I have also been feeling a bit sheepish and guilty about spending so much money (and time) on these things.


Last night my friend Dhruv came home. We were meeting after several months. I am not a ‘chatter’. After 15 minutes I usually have nothing much to say, or ‘tea’ to spill. But I love doing stuff together with people I like.

Dhruv and I both have an interest in coding and electronics… and a general interest in making ideas come to life.

So last night we sat from about 7:30pm upto 11:00pm making a 3"x3" light cube!

My son Dhyaan and nephew Vedant also joined in (my daughter and I do other things…. Electronics does fascinate her much)

Time flew by. We didn’t speak too much but it was a lot of fun.

I felt my investment was worth it.


It’s important to have a way to channelise energy into some important relationships in your life, including in your relationship with yourself. My little workshop is also my space where I am able to spend some quality time alone working on some projects I enjoy.

It’s worth it.

It requires an investment of time (and some money).

Find ways to spend quality time with people… and with yourself.

Hey invest in it.

It will give you many fold returns:

  • In terms of peace of mind
  • In terms of depth of relationships
  • In terms of fresh energy
  • In terms of new ideas
  • In terms of simple joyful ness in life

it will be worth it.


At the age of 22, my guitar teacher Menino Siveira told me-

"Aditya I know you are ambitious. You want to do many things in life. That is why you should learn the guitar. On days when you feel lost and drained, it will be a source of peace and joy"


Develop a hobby.
Find little crafts and projects to work on alone or together.
Explore a few things until you find something you want to deeper in.
It’s ok to try your hand at many things.
It’s to be average, as long as you are enjoying it.
Don’t make this one more thing "to become great at"
Just have fun.

And, no matter what, keep smiling.

In fratitude