Letter No 67 - Conquering fear with light

Dear friend,

Happy Diwali!

The fundamental laws of physics tell us that light is energy. It can exist either in the form of a particle or a wave. Without going into the subtleties of quantum mechanics, the point I’m trying to make is that, light is the presence of energy. It’s the presence of something, not absence. Hence, either it is there, or it is not there. When there’s is light, it fills up some space.

Light is a thing.

Darkness is not a thing. Darkness is just the absence of light.

Rather, darkness is just emptiness.

When there is light, it fills up the darkness. Light always conquers darkness.

Darkness can never conquer light.

Think about it. When there is light, you cannot fill it with darkness. You may take away light by casting a shadow, but you cannot cast darkness upon a space.

Whether in your life there is light right now or not, just remember that light is more powerful than darkness. And also that darkness is nothing but emptiness. It is a vessel for light to shine. Hence stop fearing darkness.


And, light is all around us. One dot of light is enough to fill up the entire universe. Such a tiny sun as compared to the solar system, and it lights up everything. There is enough light for all of us.

Hence, my wish for us this Diwali is that ‘May we be fearless enough to let light in.’

The only thing that casts a shadow and stops light from reaching us is our own fear. Fear of pain. Fear of failure. Fear of truth. Fear of reprimand. Fear of loss. Fear of struggle.

Fear casts a shadow.


And hence…may we be peaceful enough to hold fear in our hearts and yet act from love.

The presence of peace creates a strong anchor that provides stability even when the storm is churning.

Hence it is not about not having fear but more about being about to withstand fear and act inspite of fear that is important.

Having peace within us empowers us to do act inspite of fear.


Next… may we be faithful enough to stay in peace.

Because that’s where peace comes from… faith. Faith in a higher intelligence. Faith in the process of life. Faith in existence. Just faith.


And finally, faith comes from understanding. Understanding that our knowledge is limited. There is much that we do not know. There are a million things happening right now inside your body that are keeping you alive. Most of them are beyond our knowledge and control. Science is not ‘all-knowing’. Science is a great journey of discovery. Faith is not unscientific. Faith is not blind belief. Faith is not devoid of action. Faith is in fact very scientific. Faith inspires powerful action.

Hence, may we find the understanding to know the faith.


And finally… may we be blessed enough to find the right understanding.

The right understanding keeps us away from ego, self centeredness, greed, and negativity.

The right understanding opens the doorways to faith, peace, fearlessness sand light.

We need to be blessed in order to find the right understanding.
Our parents blessings.
Our teachers blessings.
Our friends blessings.
Nature’s blessings.

Hence, my prayer for all of us is that may we find the blessings needed that will lead us to the right mentors, teachers, places and situations that will take us to the right understanding and learning!

I know Diwali is gone, but the spirit of light must stay with us until next year.

Hence, Happy Diwali once again!


Hence, dear friend, may the work you do be purified by the light, and may you find the energy to keep spreading your light and love far and wide.

Happy Diwali ❤️