Letter No 71 - Feeling the flow of where you are going

Three weeks to go before the year ends. I’m not the one who believes in or ever sets new year’s goals. But this time something is building up inside me. It feels like something is emerging that I must put my energy into - a new direction, a new intent. Or actually, maybe not new, just a new permutation / combination of direction I have already had in the past.

I feel that if I allow myself to listen clearly it will start becoming even more clear. Something is drawing me in more and more. It seems like a new ‘goal’ is unravelling itself. Deciding goals itself is quite a daunting process, so it’s always a relief when a goal starts acquiring that natural ‘let’s do it’ energy.

The problem is that sometimes I already have some past incomplete goals that are driving with me on the front seat. Maybe it’s time to let some of them go. Maybe it’s time to let in some new ones. I’ve been driving with my foot on the clutch (a little too cautiously), maybe it’s time to step on the accelerator and let go of the clutch. (Anyway, driving with the foot on the clutch is a really bad driving habit)

Here are 5 things that I have been keeping in mind that are helping me understand this new energy building up inside me. These reminders to myself are slowly helping me let go of old ideas that need to be let go of:

1- Like my friend Swayam Ustoorikar says "creating slow motion moments" during my crazy busy days(but such fun days too)

2- Whenever I notice something beautiful, and it seems that it may no longer be there tomorrow (like a fallen leaf in a particular angle on the road), I take a mindful moment and feel so happy that I saw it before it changes form!

3- Reminding myself that the universe is a much higher form of intelligence than me, and if something is happening in my life, the universe must have a plan. I must stay open.

4- Whenever a strong feeling of judgement / irritation / overthinking about a person or situation arises in me, I acknowledge that it is there, but I am learning to ‘not stay with it’ for too long. I can let it go.

5- I feel I am kind of watching little little insights, inspiration and energy. I’m not desperately holding on to them because they come and go. All I’m doing is being watchful as they pass and allowing the little dots to connect (if they do).

The other day my friend asked me "we will walk into the next year with clarity, no?". This was a work situation. But since then I feel as though everyday things are falling in place on their own. Everyday something is happening on its own - all I have to do is remember everyday that ‘YES! clarity will happen’. Also all I have to do is take the first few steps to read, research, write, speak to someone, or take one small decision - and things start happening.

I encourage you to also start being watching of the clarity that is already lingering around inside you. Maybe it would help to just toy around with a few questions like:
What have you always felt excited about since you were a kid?
What kind of conversations have you had which have always energised you and left you feeling hopeful?
What ideas when you hear, people talking about fill you up with a sense of "let’s do it"?
What are you feeling building up inside you?

For me it’s about innovation, human potential and the amazing opportunities we have in India. There is so much energy around, when I see that in others or in myself, I get energised to work with that energy. It fills me up with excitement. I like mixing things up - chemicals, food, paints, people and watching what happens has always kept me up at night with fascination.

Mixing things up.
Making things happen.
Scaling things to a new level.

To me these are the questions that are helping me become more clear about my North Star (that direction in our lives that never changes irrespective of what careers, goals and dreams we follow).

What about you?

In fratitude (friendship + gratitude)