Letter No 80 - Carefree and bindaas

Do you ever feel that you wish you could be carefree and 'bindaas'. Just walk up to anyone and make friends. To be able to break into a dance or song even if you are out of tune. To be able to give a tight warm eyes-closed type of hug freely. To be able to care and be comfort close ones in the way they need and when they need? To be able to make friends with little children when you visit friends homes or at restaurants?

I don't know about you, but this a need I've always felt. I look around at some people around me who can be this way and feel 'so cool ya!'

Today my friend Akash was this way. He was in his elements. Being carefree and playful and making people around him feel entertained and carefree at the same time. I loved his energy. I love his spontaneity.

Are you that way? Do you know someone who is this way?

Looking forward to reading some responses,

In fratitude,