Letter No 89 - Picture a future where...

Dear friend,

When I finished my 12th board exams, I was excited and charged up to go to college!

I wanted to learn how to make machines!
I wanted to invent something new!
I wanted to meet experienced people and know how things work!
I wanted to solve some some real problems!
I wanted to explore many things and understand myself!

And yes, I did do many of these things.

I designed a t-shirt for our house.
I planned an inter-college event.
I and a friend set up a dry flowers business.
I built an electronic metronome and sold 50+ units.
I learn't autocad and helped my uncle digitise some drawing.
I helped my father's friend make an animated presentation for his board.

These experiences helped my apply some of the things I learned in my textbooks. These experiences helped me understand how things really worked. I failed, I struggled, I had to push for resources and help - these experiences taught me how to make things happen.

But here's the interesting thing - none of these were a part of my actual 'curriculum'.


I wish they had been.

And that's why I've been doing what I've been doing for the last 10 years - working with youth on experiential learning.

And that's why me and the Lets Enterprise team are launching India's first 'working degree'.

Imagine a future where...

Students learn theoretically AND practically
Students start working with industry from the age of 19
Students explore many things and understand what they really want to do
Students focus on their strengths and don't compare themselves
Students think with an entrepreneurial mindset and seek to solve real problems
Students are not just driven by money, but also with their sense of passion and purpose?

What say?


Lets push it a little more. The future is changing at a pace like never before. You think this is just people like me - bloggers, and writers and content creators creating hype?

Think of the what have been some of the most important inventions that changed how people live and work. Let me suggest a list.

Fire - changed how we protect ourself, how we eat
Wheel - changed how we move, how we work
Agriculture - changed where we live, how we survive
Money - changed how we transact, save, grow
Writing - changed how we learn, teach, remember
Printing press - changed how we educate, propogate
Steam engine - changed how work happens
Electricity - changed how we deal with nature
Automobiles - changed how we travel
Penicillin and Vaccines - changed how we fight disease
Radio - changed how we communicate
Transistor - changed the size of our devices
Computer- changed how we calculate
Internet - changed how we think, communicate, work
Social media - changed how we behave, make friends, share thoughts
Mobile phones - changed how we communicate, plan, learn, spend, entertain
Artificial Intelligence - changing how we work, think, learn, build

Interesting list, right? These are not just normal inventions. These are technologies that changed the way humans work, live, and grow rich as a massive scale. They changed the course of human evolution. They changed our lives.

But whats more fascinating that this list is if you put the dates when these inventions happened. That tells a whole different story.

It won't take long to notice that the time difference between these major technologies is going on decreasing. While there was a couple of hundred years between two major changed in the past, then maybe a couple of decades, today we are talking merely years between major developments.

The graph above is exponential.


What does this mean for us?

It means that the future is closer than we imagine. The future is now, almost.

Hence I invite you to think about possibilities in the future. Old ways of thinking, learning, and being are not going to be effective any more. We need to ask ourself interesting questions. We need to question and find out what is going to help us grow and survive, and be satisfied and happy in the coming future.


I'd like to throw a few thoughts at you, all starting with the words 'Picture a future where...'

Picture a future where humans and animals communicate with other.
Picture a future where education is life long, and career begins at age 12.
Picture a future where art and music are instantly created from our thoughts.
Picture a future where millions of people across the planet can think the same thoughts together.
Picture a future where you earn money for creating thoughts, art and science.
Picture a future where you can travel the world and live where you want.
Picture a future where humans live and work in sustainable communities that care for each other.

What say?

Do you really think these are ideas of the future?

I think NOT!

I believe these are the problems we must already be working on.


This is the biggest boldest leap I've taken in my career. We are creating a new kind of college experience. We are launching India's first 'working degree' - Undergrad Program in Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Development.

We need you love, blessings and involvement! Please put in a comment if this excited you, and I'll personally reach out to you to share our plans, and share opportunities to engage with us.