May you have LITE!

In thermodynamics we learn about a concept called entropy. Very simply, entropy is a measure of the level of disorder at the molecular level of a system. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that the entropy of a system, left to itself will always increase. That is, without any external intervention everything goes from order to disorder. Things always get worse. Gosh, who ever knew that physicists were such pessimists!

Ok, don’t strangle me for using a little bit of science. Here is an example. When Ice cubes melt, the molecules are changing from a more orderly state to a less orderly state. When you have a campfire and burn wood, the wood eventually turns to ash. Sugar crystals dissolve in water. Fruits rot. My skin ages and wrinkles as I grow old. From order towards disorder. Left to itself, everything is always moving closer towards chaos!

The only way to move a system from disorder to order, is by adding energy to it from another system. Water freezes into ice when inside a refrigerator which requires energy. Cream separates into fat and buttermilk when churned.

Left to ourselves, we always moving from order to disorder. A holiday in Goa, and you know what happens! If you come and see my cupboard at home, you will know what I mean. Check out the house after an evening partying with friends. 12 years into marriage, and some things begin to get taken for granted. Entropy is always increasing. Order to disorder!

Now, life is the opposite of entropy. Living creatures absorb energy and food matter from the surroundings, and their bodies organise those molecules into higher order structures. Carbon, oxygen hydrogen and few other elements, get smartly converted into fat and proteins and bones and blood!

The principle applies to everything in our lives - our bodies, our mind, our happiness, our desk, our work, and even our relationships. They require us to add energy to them in a smart and thoughtful ways, in order for them to move from less order to more order. They need us to shine some LITE on them - love, intelligence, time and effort.

To find happiness and joy I need to make an effort to remind myself to be grateful.
To find inner strength I need to take time to sit in silence with myself.
To be fit I need to work out regularly and watch what I eat.
To be relevant I need to keep taking feedback and learning new stuff.
To keep relating better I need to keep communicating and dropping my ego.
To be more productive I need to take time to review my action plans and prioritise my time.
To keep my energy levels up I need to eat healthy, sleep well and take regular breaks and holidays.
To keep growing and evolving I need to learn to let go and accept everything that the universe offers me without applying judgements of good and bad, like and dislike.

That’s LITE. It requires love to even want to do it. It requires intelligence to do it well. It takes time no matter what you do. And it requires effort to make it happen. All good things in our life need LITE.

For the year coming up, I want to keep shining LITE into every aspect of my life, including this blog I write. I reread this at least ten times before putting it up. Usually I never do that. LITE!

My prayer for you, my friend, is that may you find the LITE, and shine it on every aspect of your life, and may you keep moving from disorder to order! Go defy the second law of thermodynamics!