My Autobiography (in 2021)

This one took courage. This is me putting myself out there for the world to see inspired by the questions in the workbook ‘Thought experiments’ by Narendra Goidani. Have a read, and do hold me accountable.

Title of my autobiography.
World class from India!

Why this title?
My dream is to create world class products in India.
They should be Indian at heart, but global in mindset and quality.

What have been your achievements?
Our training program for youngsters (16 to 22yrs) Dancing with Tigers has been on the forefront of a youth revolution in India, inspiring youth to believe in themselves and dare to make their dreams come true.
We have built a digital platform that is loved by youth across the world. Youth can share their 'body of work' and connect with like minded youngsters across the world. They can inspire, be inspired. collaborate, and seek out opportunities for internships, freelance work, and colloboration on projects to develop themselves as leaders.

What have been your contributions?
We have been able to reach out to youth in small towns and rural areas in India through a network of 100+ centres. We have been able to encourage them to believe in their own power to transform their own lives and their surrounds.
One of our contributions has been in the form re-inventing higher education. We have been able to create a program where students get real life exposure, 360 degree experience and live mentoring to create themselves into powerhouses of innovation and execution.

What are the obstacles you have overcome in your life?
I have battled with lack of faith in my own capability, and I keep winning.
I have conquered many internal demons that pulled me down emotionally and mentally.

What will the reader FEEL when they read your autobiography?
They will feel that India has a lot to give to the world.
…that we all need to believe in ourselves.
…that we need to be open and accepting of differences.

What are your Miracle Anchors?
There is a golden opportunity hidden in every disaster. The bigger the disaster the bigger the opportunity.
There is no problem which doesn’t have a solution.
No one can take my peace of mind from me.

What are your winning habits?
Rising early in the morning, meditation and exercise.
No blame, no complain, no excuses.
Always respect people, no matter what.

Who/what are your inspirations in life?
My inspiration is nature. The way she takes every disaster in her stride. The way she always returns to peace.
My inspiration is Jamshedji Tata for the way he dreamed of what is possible in India.

For whom or what do you have immense gratitude?
I have tremendous gratitude for my parents and their parents. Everything I am is because of them.
I have gratitude for my teachers and coaches. They shaped me.
I have gratitude for Lifeschool. They showed me what is possible.
I have gratitude for all those who believed in me and stood by me. They pull me forward.

What makes you believe you can?
I have alway achieved whatever I have set my heart out to 100%.
The universe has always conspired to make my dreams come true 😃

Thank you for reading!