My life is so saucy!

I am on my way back to Paris from Lyon to take a flight to return to India. As I stared at the French countryside the window of the super fast TGV, I made a list of all the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful...

  1. For having parents who have always believed in me, made efforts to understand me, and wanted only the best in the world for me and through me.
  2. For having my grandmother with us, and for having lived in her the power of goodness and simplicity.
  3. For having found an amazing life partner, who believes in me, believes me (equally important), and challenges me every now and then (and takes care to soften her rough edges!)
  4. For having the most amazing family through my life partner, my MIL, FIL, BIL’s, SIL’s and nieces are so ultra cool and loving
  5. For having a sister who is a friend forever, a brother in law who inspires me, and two nephews who are going to grow up as dudes and be the most loving and inspiring brothers for my children :-)
  6. For having an opportunity to raise a son and a daughter, two beautiful little people who give us a lot of joy and love, and who I believe are going to play an important role on this planet.
  7. For being born in a country that never ceases to amaze me, that is full of diversity and hence never boring, that has the most amazingly rich culture in food, art, history, language, science and even spirituality.
  8. For being gifted by HIM with a brilliant mind (not boasting, just feeling grateful ;-), an athletic physique, a heart that feels for people, and an ability to connect with people with empathy.
  9. For having experienced the best of comforts and luxuries, and having traveled across the world to 13 different countries and lived for extended periods in 2 countries other than India.
  10. For having the opportunity to study at one of the best institutes in the country and interact with and learn from some of the brightest minds.
  11. For having had a rich and varied work experience in different industries and a few different cities.
  12. For having the opportunities to take my chances and try to make some of the ideas I dream of into reality.
  13. For having tasted some success that didn’t make me arrogant and some failures which didn’t cripple me.
  14. For having found someone who I can look upto as a mentor and a guide and who inspires me everyday
  15. For having found work which gives my life a meaning, energises me (I can do it it for 18 hours a day and not be tired), and fills me with a sense of completeness.
  16. For having been gifted with an ability to make friends with people from anywhere, from the ultra rich to the ultra poor, the super confident to the nervous, and being able to relate with them with no judgement or malice in my heart.
  17. For having all these things, and yet being filled with a kind of a hunger. A hunger that drives me to do something that has the power to make a ‘dent'. A hunger to make a difference. A hunger to make an impact. A hunger to create something that will benefit people.

I have no idea what it will be. But everyday I feel this hunger. And I am grateful for it. Without it, with all the beautiful gifts I have been given, I might have easily slipped into a comfort zone. Maybe I do too every once in a while. But the hunger does not let me stay there for too long.

I am savouring this beautifully complex sauce that is my life. It is made up of completeness and emptiness. Of peaceful blue and fiery red. Of the healing taste of honey and tulsi, and the stimulating acidity of black filter coffee. Of gratitude and hunger coarsely mixed together.

Let’s see what dish is going to be embellished by this sweet and sour sauce that is my life. Im going to be 39 soon, and its' only getting more and more interesting!

What does the sauce that is your life taste like?