3 steps today, a thousand tomorrow!

For me, all it took was a few weeks of studies before the exams, and results would come. For her it was study round the year.

I was doing ten different things at a time. She did one or two.

My to do list had 15 points on it. She knew what needed to be done, and did it.

I had many interests and changed my interests every few years. She had a few and stuck to them.

We are very different. Too slow. Too boring. Too few. Stuff for slow coaches. That's what I thought when we were kids.

Today I see things differently. My sister Palak is an inspiration. I have many gifts. But she developed in herself that one thing that makes a big difference. She is consistent. Once she takes up something, she keeps at it.

It's not that I didn't want to be consistent. I so badly did. Every new school year began with the vigor of new resolutions of daily studies, fancy multi coloured time tables, the symbolic cleaning of the study desk, and all that. You can guess how long it lasted, so please don't make me spell it out!

Today, I wish to learn from Palak. Everything she has taken up, she has done it thoroughly and consistently. Whether it was working hard to get 100% scholarship to study in the UK, or setting up finance and statutory process for a rapidly growing business that recently struck a major partnership with a global leader, or preparing herself emotionally and intellectually to be a mother of two amazing kids, Palak has excelled through sheer grit and courage.

So today, on her birthday, I am taking up a one year challenge. For the next 365 days, every day, first thing in the morning I will publicly share my list of three important but non urgent, non routine tasks for the day. These will be actions which have the power to move me closer to my dreams. I will not go to bed until the three tasks are done.

Just 3 important steps every day, will take me 1095 steps closer to my dreams in one year's time!

Happy birthday Palak! And may you inspire a million more!