My true work on this planet

She asked, ‘Am I any good?’ When she looked around she found people doing so much more than her. Contributing. Meeting goals. Making an impact. She felt that she was not doing as much as. But some part of her was torn between being ok with doing less, and wanting to do more. And that was making her feel not good enough.
Another friend said, ‘I did not meet my target. I am not worth it.’ She had set a number in her mind and put out every effort in her hands to achieve it. As she sat back to review, it looked like she would fall short of the goal. Some self doubt crept in.
Why do we attach our sense of self worth to an achievement, a goal, or a number? Yes, it's wonderful and even important to have them. They help us to push ourselves and be inspired to do more. But, why should we start feeling ‘not good enough’ if we don't achieve them? Are we born into this world with some terms and conditions attached that say ‘I’m sending you here but consider yourself a failure if you don’t achieve ____________’?
I believe that the greatest success we can achieve is to genuinely ‘know ourselves’. When I truly know me, I cannot help but be in love with myself and the universe. After all I am a part of the universe. And, the universe is so big, so beautiful and so bountiful. If I am THAT, then how can I not love myself? When I love myself, it is effortless for me to love you, too. After all, you too are a part of the universe! When I can love me, and I can love you, then I can love all things. And then, I am already playing my role here on this planet. Just my presence here is a service.
I truly believe that we are all ALREADY WORTH IT. We just need to open our eyes and see who are. That is our true work here. Then, goals, targets, achievement, need not become sources of anguish and self depreciation. They are just joyful expressions of who I am.