No such thing as ‘giving’

She put her head on my shoulders and cried. She was afraid. Petrified of dogs, she had been surprised when one of the dogs at the farm had been let loose. The fear Inside her had been shaken up. It poured out with her tears. Her entire body trembled and shook. I held her and calmed her.

Gently I spoke her. Once she had gathered herself I asked her about her fear. I asked her if she wanted to over come it. She’s a brave girl. For some reason she trusted me. She said yes. I told her that in order to rid herself off the fear, she must face it. Face fear it goes, avoid fear it grows. I called out to the dog ‘Jimmy’. I held her hand and placed it on the dog. She was afraid, but she did it. The fear melted away.

I helped her. I made a difference in her life. Right?

The truth is that she gave me an opportunity. She gave me a chance to feel purposeful, to connect, and to heal something within myself.

I believe there is no such thing as giving. We always get much more than we give.