On Pain

She looked the other way.

His face twisted into disgust.

I found I had been wrong all along,

And my world came crashing down

He told me I was not ready.

She said she felt uncared for.

In one stroke my efforts were naught,

In a whirlwind I felt caught

They looked down on me.

She didn’t want to walk with me.

Things didn’t happen my way,

The vacuum in my heart filled me with dismay.

I gave selflessly and stood by,

But they walked away when I cried.

For no fault of mine I had paid.

The feelings surged like a tide.

I ran. I hid. I pushed away.

I worked. I played. I thought.

I wept. I tried. I begged.

But the blackness had always fought.

Then, one day I opened my arms wide,

I welcomed the pain and smiled.

And Lo, my vision was untied.

I saw, and the pain turned to peace.

Now I know that whenever she comes,

She will certainly bring a gift.

A gift that can change my life forever,

But to hold the gift, from my ego I must desist!