People dont belong to me.

"Papaaaa! He took my balloon away" cried my daughter Meisha. Our children play together a lot. My sister’s kids are the same age as our two. The foursome of them are constantly running up and down between the two homes. It is a blessing that our apartments are just above and below each other's. The kids have a blast.

But often enough, there is wailing and flowing tears. Most often is it about "he took my toy", "she ate my chocolate", "or he sat in my place". The concept of ownership gets ingrained in us at quite an early age. We don’t like it when someone takes what we see as ours. It hurts when someone enjoys what we have been saving for ourselves. And truly, sometimes it is unfair. I saved the chocolate wafer from my cake to have as the last bite, and my younger sister picks it of my plate, how annoying is that!

But, as we grow up, and this sense of ownership extends into the relationships in our life, it begins to get really tricky.

I introduced my old college buddy to my sister. The next thing I know is that they have both gone out for the coffee together. Ouch! That pinched.
I introduced an old batch mate to my friend. And before I know it, they have planned a trek together.
I introduced a friend to my work colleague, and now they are exchanging business connections.
I introduced two friends, and now my friend reaches out to him when he needs advice.

I have written about this before, but I don't mind saying it again - people don’t belong to anyone. In fact, we don’t even belong to ourselves. We all belong to a higher purpose. From the moment we understand that, we live our lives very differently.

I consciously choose to connect people, with no insecurity of what if they become closer to each other than to me.
I consciously choose to help people and pour my love on them, with no thought of what if they don't reciprocate.
When I need something, I’m learning to ask. If it comes that great, and if not, thats great too.
I’ll ask someone else, or I’ll ask again another time, and in a different way.

I give, because I want to give. And when I don't give, I don't want to give. Simple. And, I'm liking simple.