Slay the demon of likes and dislikes!

Slay the demon of likes and dislikes!

2005 Red. Red. Red.
2006 Red. Red. Red.
2007 Red. Red. Red.
2008 Red. Red. Red.
2009 Red. Red. Red.
2010 Red. Red. Red.
2011 Red. Red. Red.
2012 Red. Red. Red.
2013 Red. Red. Red.
2014 Red. Red. Red.
2015 Red. Red. Tricolor.
2016 Red. Tricolor. Red.
2017 White. Tricolor. Red.

Thats what the Badminton World Federation Gold/Silver/Bronze record looks like from the last decade and more. Red is China. The Chinese have dominated the sport.

Imagine being the only seeded Indian player in the top 10, with 7 other players being Chinese. You see red everywhere. You would even feel red. How does one slay the demon of Chinese invincibility that wrecks havoc in your mind?

Thats what it must have looked like to PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal who broke into the red dominance. Recently, she was defeated by Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in a 110 minute long nail biting final at the BWF tournament in Glasgow. The world held its breath and enthusiasts have called it the best badminton match ever. After the first 11 points in the match, there were no consecutive points for any one player.

How did she and her coach P Gopichand do it?

Through sheer hard work and discipline. She would wake up at 3:30 am and reach the academy to start her training at 4:30am. Her coach Gopichand had to train other senior players at 6am. Her dietician Kiran Challagundla says “there is nothing like what she prefers. She eats what she is told to."
Thats it, victory lies beyond my personal like and dislikes.

The demon is slayed when I slaughter the idea of “I don’t like doing this". I will do what needs to be done.

Today I have decided to slay some of my demons.
"I don't like over assertive people." Slayed. I will deal with them properly by learning to say no.
"I don't like to be told no". Slayed. I will learn to communicate better.
"I don't like to make a daily goal." Slayed. I will not leave home without having my goals for the day in place!
"I don't like doing accounts." Slayed. My father will be glad to know this!

Thank you PV Sindhu!