The curse of the gifted.

When I had one shoe I was happy, I didn’t have to think which one should I wear today. When I was in school I was happy, I didn’t have to think about what should I do today. I had a friend who was very good at singing. He was happy, he knew he loved singing and didn’t have to think what else to learn.

I have often wondered, is there a connection between happiness and affluence. Does affluence make me unhappy? Or does it make me happy?

I am good at many things. I draw and paint, I love to write, I enjoy running, I am a good public speaker, I have been brilliant at computer programming, I thrive in leadership situations, I love cooking, and I find my purpose in being a mentor for youth. Multi-talented personality, you might say.

Yet, this has been a curse and a blessing. To be brutally honest, for most of my life this has actually been a curse. I dipped my fingers in many a pot, but didn’t go deep enough to find the gold. I explored many a field, and got to a point, and then gave it up to go explore something else.

Some people go wide. Some go deep. I was wide. On the other hand, my sister went deep. When she became a part of the student organization AISEC, she kept at it, and went deep. Whatever she took on, she went deep and stayed at it for a long long time.

It is not that I don’t go deep. I go very deep. The difficulty arises when I want to go deep into multiple things at the same time!

Now I realize its beautiful to be wide and enjoy many different experiences. However, its crucial to be deep in one. Today’s world needs people who are wide and deep. Wide enables me to understand, converse with and connect with people of many different interests and fields. Deep enables me to have mastery.

I've decided to be deep when it comes to creating and impact on youth. And you know what's the magical part? In the process of exploring this, all the width is coming in handy! I'm using my arty and design side to create cartoons that connect with the youngsters, I write this blog to speak my heart, we celebrate at my home and I cook for the winners, we are using technology to scale up the impact, and of course we run together and get inspired to be fit.

Being deep, automatically takes me wide!