The other side of gratitude.

Medicine heals. Poison kills. Yet, many medicines are actually poison when consumed in the wrong way!

I do some good. I help someone. I write something that touches you. I say something that moves you. I am there when you need me. I go out of my way to be a support. Thats just how I am (truly 😃)

Of course, I don’t expect anything in return. I honestly don’t. I know that I am doing what my heart beckons me to do. And it brings me immense satisfaction. As the icing on the cake, you acknowledge my impact on your life. You thank me. You share it on FB. Many likes. Comments are even more beautiful. I am glowing.

How here's the thing... at some level, I’m finding that there is an expectation inside me that you should be grateful.

This week I caught myself having a teeny weeny itsy bitsy expectation that my students should feel gratitude for the impact we are making on their life. This is an honest confession. It actually happens.

I realised that gratitude is like a river. It flows only in one direction, from places of higher altitude to the ocean which is at a lower altitude!

My heartfelt gratitude to you for reading this. May rivers of gratitude keep flowing from ME!