The well of emotions.

The well of emotions.

We went for a swim in a village well. They say it is more than 200 years old. There was no advanced technology then. Yet, they say that it is designed so that there is always fresh water flowing into the well from sources at its base. That's not all, there also is an overflow system. These are channels through which the excess water leaves the well.

This ensures that the well always remains fresh, and always remains at the same stable level. It's never empty and it's never flooded. There is constant flow and renewal.

How did our ancestors do this, I wonder. Where did they access such wisdom and knowledge?

I feel this is true for us humans beings also. We need to have an everlasting source of energy that keeps renewing and refreshing us. We also need an overflow mechanism that's ensures we don't get carried away.

My energy source is meditation, gratitude and focus. My overflow mechanism is acceptance and humility, and also sports!

As I write this I am welling up in gratitude for all you amazing people who are reading this. Thank you!