TOP 10 reasons why I CAN'T!

I have started a new collection - of brilliant reasons for not taking opportunities.

No, Im not talking about stock market opportunities, marriage proposals, or opportunities to hitchhike a ride on an inter-galactic space ship. Im speaking about opportunities that come my way to DO something that has the power to transform me - to learn a new skill, to take up an internship, join or start a movement, start writing a blog, participate in a cause, and so on.

Here are my top 10 reasons in ascending order of popularity!

Excuse No 10 - Someone told me something!
My friend’s friend’s sister’s cousin who I had met for about 36 seconds three years ago told me that…. and now I confused! This one comes in various forms. It’s more common that you would think. I just don’t want to think for myself.

Excuse No 9 - My friend can’t come with me
Hmmm. Interesting. We are the mental version of Siamese twins. Inseparable. Except, when we don’t agree on something!

Excuse No 8 - I don’t have any transport!
This one is a classic. Needs no explanation!

Excuse No 7 - My parents won’t allow me!
Wow! I find this super innovative. When it comes to having a night out, I have all the resources and negotiation strategies ready, but when it comes to something actually useful, Im suddenly transformed into an innocent, super obedient angel 😃

Excuse No 6 - I doing a research on the evaporation of water, and I have to watch it all day!
It’s something like watching wet paint dry. It’s like saying I won’t go on a holiday because my plants will miss me!

Excuse No 5 - I’m busy preventing an alien invasion!
Yup. You guys don’t even care about all the sacrifices Im making to save the planet.

Excuse No 4 - No time, too I have extra classes!
Super cool. Maths class, accounts class, marathi class, these peoples are genuinely submerged in an array of extra classes. Deserves an entire blog post only on this subject!

Excuse No 3 - Im confused. Let me think about it.
This is an all time classic. It actually sounds so intelligent because it has the word ‘think’ in it 😃

Excuse No 2 - No time, too much study pressure!
Well, this always reminds me of the story of the woodcutter who says - Im too busy chopping wood right now. I don’t have time to sharpen my axe!

Excuse No 1 - No time, I’m doing so many things already!
Absolute favourite! Reason No 1 is found amongst all age groups and type of people. The amazing thing is that the most successful people who seem to get a lot of things done, always seem to have time. Makes me wonder whether the reason for their success is that they know how to create time!

What the conclusion? When an opportunity comes my way, here are a few simple questions I like to ask myself:
  1. Is it worth it?
  2. If I succeed, will the results be worth it?
  3. Even if I fail, will I have learnt something useful?
  4. Is it in alignment my short-term / long-term goals?
  5. What will I need to drop in order to create time?

As simple as that. Whenever I have had answers to these simple questions, and have taken up opportunities and responsibilities, I have grown and developed myself like crazy.