We don't see eye to eye. Lets make apple pie!

You just don’t get it do you? If you don’t study hard, you are going to struggle in life.

Aren’t you interested in your own life? Why do we have to keep nagging you?

I am not asking you to stop having fun. But at least live up to your own committments!

I heard you. Please stop repeating the same thing again and again!

I just want you to listen to me. Why you can’t you try to understand me?

I am making efforts, but you just don’t notice. What do you want from me?
Oil and water are both liquids. Yet, they don’t mix easily. Parents and children are both want to relate well with each other. Yet, we often find it really tough to communicate with each other.

Here is an idea. We need to borrow a concept from algebra - the good old Venn diagram. All apples are not green. All green fruits are not apples. But some green fruits are certainly apples! Lets find those green apples. They make wonderful apple pie!

I have some ideas. You have some ideas. I don’t agree with some of your ideas. You don’t agree with some of my ideas. But, there must be some ideas that you and I both agree with. Lets make that apple pie!

Lets find the intersection of what you believe and what I believe.

Lets start with this intersection. Lets take this baby step. Lets drop all discussion of the parts that we don’t agree on and start with what we do agree on. We don’t need the red apples. We don’t need the other green fruits that are not apples.

Let’s build trust. On the foundation of mutual trust, greater goals and higher targets can be set.

The 'Apple pie’ approach works in all types of relationships. Just remember, green apples make the best apple pies!