We were friends.

We were friends. We did things together. We said some silly things to each other and then we laughed. We even fought open heartedly. We worked. We created some magic.

But now its gone. I am with you, but I don’t ‘see' you and you don’t ‘see' me.

Earlier the water was clear. But now it seems to be a little muddy. Muddied with a little doubt, memories of a few moments of mistrust, and also a few careless words.

Yet, when I think of it, even in a glass of muddy water, how much mud is actually there? Maybe 1% of the volume of the water? Yet it's the muddiness that my mind focuses on, not the water. Muddiness seems to change everything.

What shall I do? How shall I filter the water?

Or, can a beautiful flower grow in the muddy water?