What is the power of YOUTH?

Last week, we asked a question to several youngsters who have graduated from the Dancing with Tigers workshop. The question was 'What according to you is the power of youth?'

We got 29 responses. Their answers are here for you to see.

Its brilliant to see these responses. The are reflective of tremendous confidence and self-belief.

As I sat down to think about my own youth, I stumbled upon something. I found another power that youth have access to...

I believe if the youth could this to their list of powers, they would be unstoppable - the power to learn from the successes and failures of the previous generations!

Here is another way to put it. Can I seek out mentors in various aspects of my life? It may be career, fitness, relationships or even contribution to society. If I can allow my mentors to question me, make me go deeper, make me accountable - I believe all my powers will multiply exponentially!

But this requires me to make one very important shift - to let go of my ego and youthful arrogance. It requires me to be willing to be wrong. It requires me to be willing to look at another point of view.

What do you think, my dear friend, what according to YOU is the power of youth?


  1. Social media
  2. Their cellphones
  3. Technology,development and their confidence☺
  4. Social media and support/freedom their parents give

  1. Open mindedness. And being more open mined means being more liberal and more accepting of other ppl and their opinions. And being more accepting means peaceful coexistence.
  2. I think it's our open-mindedness.
  3. Opportunities

  1. The greatest power of the youth is their willpower.
  2. According to Sonali it's - very positive and self motivated and do not fall prey to anything which until they feel is right.... They always need the proof... Very practical...
  3. I believe that the ability to work with anything and to never give up ... fight till you achieve it attitude ...

  1. Creativity. The ability to think new.
  2. Power of thinking hatke
  3. Their ability to work things out in their own way ...I guess😅

  1. Energetic
  2. According to me the greatest power of YOUTH is the ability to explore the world & learn from experiences, trying new things, enthusiastic, confident & energetic!! Always 👍👍😃😃
  3. Modern brain to deal systematically and multi task which most of the old ppl think is wrong but youth can deal with so many things at a time
  4. The greatest power of youth is the understanding v have and the convincing power which we have hold on
  5. I think it is Desire to achieve something fast....
  6. The spirit
  7. Zeal

  1. The ability to adapt
  2. Their adaptability. Change is something we've been used to, something we've been breathing pretty much since birth.
  3. Its the ability to let go
  4. Acccording to me The desire to accept change in everyday life but to also raise their voice if something is wrong is the greatest power of youth
  5. They are matured enough to take on the world and smart enough to keep trying even if they fail, learning from their mistakes

  1. A mentor
  2. Their fitness
  3. If I've to say it in one sentence I'd say the greatest power of the youth is to not think!
  4. Reasoning!.....but only if a youth has the confidence and power to make stand points